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Anthony Bourdain and the Corson Building

I have days where I am just blown away by events and circumstance. June 7th 2008 is one of the great days for sure that I will remember for a long time. I passed the mid-point of my 40’s and the gray in my beard shows it, but that age has brought comfort and a small measure of wisdom in my choices to take a gamble on a job 15 years ago that has paid out, recognizing that my wife was a far better catch for me than what she ended up with and the fortunate experience of having two polar opposite careers. I love cooking and still fraternize with my chef buddies and occasionally romanticize what it would be like to step back in and work in a kitchen.

It was the inaugural event at the newly updated Corson building that Matt and Wylie built with a lot a sweat equity with a nod to sourcing thing from local artisans and it was fantastic. We started in the late afternoon with champagne and walking around, checking out the grounds and the new kitchen addition. Tony arrived around 5.15pm and we started dinner service. Lucky for us, Mary and I sat right next to Tony and he was really down to earth and he told some great stories. Lots of folks asked him questions about their favorite episodes and I got him to tell a little more about the filming in Beirut right when Israel attacked.


Dinner service consisted of…

  • Fresh Scallops with basil and olive oil
  • Thinly sliced Serrano Ham
  • Fresh Peas tossed with a light dressing and sauteed Morels
  • Argula with sour cherries
  • Sockeye Salmon with greens and onions
  • Leg of Lamb with Greek Yogurt
  • Fresh Strawberries

All of the preparation was done in a minimal fashion, served family style and absolutely fresh and local. Nothing was overcooked or over seasoned and I get why Matt’s reputation continues to grow.

Then we went off to the Moore and sat in the front row. We were joined by Mary & Marvin and Sean & Rhonna for a few libations and then the VIP after party on stage with the food from our buddies at the Culinary Communion and Gabriel was there having a great time. Tony worked the crowd signed autographs and you can tell he is digging this gig he has made for himself. He is the ultimate celebrity Chef with none of the trappings or bullshit. It was a truly memorable night for me and a great birthday.

CorsonBuildingFrontGate CorsonBuildingFloorLevelWindows CorsonBuildingPatio

CorsonBuildingChickenCoop2 CorsonBuildingPartridgeForDinner CorsonBuildingRhubarb

CorsonBuildingKitchenAgedHamCheese CorsonBuildingWineAreaPantry1 LambOnTheNotFinsihedOutdoorPit

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One response

  1. just a magic place you have created. I would love to be included in festivities you have in Corson Building. Have many friends I would love to invite.

    May 3, 2011 at 9:45 pm

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