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Windows 8 Phone App Beta – Awards Party

Do you love the Annual Movie Awards night (i.e. the Oscars(r))? We have put together an Windows Phone 8 App that let’s you research all of the categories of nominees and cast your votes for your favorites. On the awards night, you will see your votes and how they stacked up to the winners and everyone else voting in the app. If you are interested, send my your email (I will only use it for this specific contact purpose) and I will add you to the beta in the Windows Phone 8 store.

Application Splash Screen


Welcome Screen


Best Actor Not Voted


Best Actor Voted


Main Category Page


Main Application Page


Movie Page


Porsche 914 – July 2012 – #52

New trunks are now welded in for both ends of the car. I have been seam welding every area that could use some strength. In the rear area, I have seam welded everything that is part of the structure and shock towers.

I continue to clean up the seam sealer and undercoating. The car is going to the blasters in 2 weeks to be completely stripped. This will make it much easier to weld things up and we are close to welding in some of the bigger structure improvements with the Tangerine Racing’s shock tower mounts that replace the rubber tops with bearings and the Rear Pickup Points Reinforcing Kit to cut flex in the engine area.

Porsche 914 – May 2012 – #51

While America enjoyed the Memorial Day weekend, I had a deadline and worked all 3 days straight to get the new front pan and trunk pan installed… Amazing amount of work, but the car is in good shape for the structural seam welding and other repairs which are much less intensive from here on out!

Porsche 911 (964) Rocker Panel Repair

I blew a tire out on my 911 on the freeway last week. Thanks you AAA, but it was a chance to pull the rims, get them powder coated, cool new tires and replace the trim molding in my rocker panels. Once I inspected them, I realized that the PO had removed the bolts to the supports, lost them and not secured a number of fasteners. Sloppy stuff. So ordered the new clips and cleaned everything up as a lot of crap accumulates under the rockers and the passenger side also has the oil cooler lines which turned out to be very gunked up. The process is simple to remove them, but the plastic is still 23 years old and it has some damage in the clips. I will cover how to jbweld those in the next post. I cleaned everything and then painted the black areas. BTW, OEM is Wurth Satin black, but I did that and a little clear coat for looks.




In the drying booth with Kitty…


Porsche 914 – March 2012 – #50

I am now replacing the front pan on the car. Taken a bit of work to get to shiny metal and assemble the parts. Next post we will be welding.

Porsche 914 – February 2012 – #49

All back together! Engine has the new heads, new oil pistons, oil pump and modded 1.7 lifters with 911 adjusters.

Porsche 914 – February 2012 – #48

We are all set to begin and hopefully finish the engine upgrade and build in the morning. I am having Rich help me with the finer details (so I can do the whole calibration process on my own for the next engine) and almost every critical part is being replaced with something better and stronger.

Engine Ready for Heads

Heads and Engine Components

Parts all Organized


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